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Jan 17, 2017:

Making Progress

Both in life and with my writing. Life right now is a bunch of annoying, but necessary doctor appointments. Taking care of a recurring female related problem and finally getting back on my heart medication. Just can't love being winded all the time. Kids are out of school, though youngest will be going to summer school in June. Husband is working. Things aren't better than they were before, but they aren't worse, so this is good.

I'm on ch. 23 of Assassin's Choice and almost 34k in on Phoenix Rising. Plus I picked up my Novel Plot Building book again and just started chapter 4. I'm actually sailing through A.C. at the moment. I'm still behind but managing a chapter a week (both v4 and v5 revisions), sometimes going into a second chapter. It looks like I'll finish 2 months after my self-imposed deadline, then I'll need to make the v6 revisions I have planned. Most of those shouldn't be too hard though—the big ones involve some character/race changes, but even they aren't that big. I expect the book to go out to beta readers by the end of the year. I'll take a break and early next year start thinking about the query letter, outline, and synopsis. NOT looking forward to that, actually. :P

The night owl schedule is definitely a big part of the productivity. When I do finally get out of bed, I'm usually quite ready to get to work rather than needing time to wake up and figure out my day. At night, I use my most creative part of my cycle to make progress in my revisions, which seems to be really helpful in keeping me going despite being at the most difficult part of the novel.

I've given up on shorts for the time being, maybe permanently. Shorts are a hard length for me, the market hunting frustrating and exhausting, and the pay not worth the time put into the process. Granted, I don't write to make a living...yet, but, at the same time, I'm not writing to put more money into trying to get published than I get out of it. I have a few credits, some of them in some pretty decent zines. For now, I'm content on that front and just want to focus on the books, which I'm more comfortable with anyway. It may be awhile before I get published again, but I'm okay with that.

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