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Jan 17, 2017:

Time Suck

I keep meaning to post here, and I keep getting caught in a time suck called a grandbaby that I'm raising. And grandbaby is only 3 months old which means he needs A LOT of my time. I've cut back on exercise by about half, I'm getting almost nothing else done so I can make sure to write (and even then, that doesn't always happen).

I remember when I did this with my kids. Once they grew up, I never figured on doing it again. It's not that I mind—the father has issues that make him raising this boy a scary prospect, and my daughter is in no way ready to raise a child—it's I forgot how much goes into raising a kid. And this kid in particular tends to be about the crankiest baby I've ever seen. lol

The only real update I have however, is a near miss for Blood Charms. Zharmae offered a contract for it (after a number of oddities in the process that should have been a warning in and of themselves, but I digress). Then the contract came in. It was so dense, I had to have help parsing it. Fortunately an author friend knew someone who works on contracts for a living and said expert took a look.

Oh. My. Lord.

Honestly, I think how awful it was is why the contract was written the way it was. Overwhelm an author who REALLY wants to be published and they may just sign without attempting to parse it all or giving it to someone who would have an idea. OR maybe they THINK they understand it, but really, if they signed it understanding it, then I don't even know.

Here's the thing: yes, a publisher/small press is supposed to be looking out for itself to some degree, but there's looking out for itself and then there's taking authors for everything they have and then some and authors getting piddling payments to be screwed.

Now, I did attempt to negotiate, but they wouldn't change (and in one case, didn't even address) the major issues of the contract (and for one or two of the problems, tried to claim that's not how the contract, thank you, but I'll trust the person without a stake in all this who does contracts FOR A LIVING). I walked away.

What did I walk away from? Well, this:

Rights: they ask for lifetime for the SERIES.

The "net" in net revenues isn't defined.

Reversion/cancellation of contract: The publisher can do this at any time, but authors have to pay $5000. There's no reversion for going out of business or declaring bankruptcy. If a book goes out of production, the author can request it be put back into print, but even if they decide against doing so, they can hang onto the book for 12 months.

A couple of clauses prevent the author from independent publishing or signing with another house.

The option for the next book allows them to take 6 months to decide whether or not to accept/publish it.

Zharmae takes ownership over the title, the author's nom de plum, and the series. If the author decides to leave Zharmae, they can hire someone else to write in the author's world. In addition, they can use the author's characters, etc in anyway they wish.

Royalties. I was told on the phone $1/copy regardless of promotion prices etc. While this works for ebooks (which appear to sell at 4.99 each), this is a rip off for hard copy sales (at 15.99/book, from what I've seen at B&N). And according to the actual contract, it isn't $1/copy regardless of promotional prices. Instead, promotional copies are subject to a percentage royalty.

Quite obviously, I'm posting about this to warn other writers AWAY from Zharmae. Don't ever want to be published so badly you sell everything you have to give. You have a right to make a profit off your work, to protect your work, to get the rights of your work back. After all, without you, publishers wouldn't have a product. Find a publisher/small press that understands that. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

As for me, I've sent the novel out again (it'll be awhile before I hear, a looong while) and am still working on the sequel (it's all I ever get time for with the baby). Publishing is a long game. The only way to play is to stay in.

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And We're Back

After brief downtime, is back up, which means it's time for some kind of long overdue update. Honestly, should be able to stay on top of things, but I'm struggling just to get the writing done. A lot of that is the ADHD. I don't transition between activities well, and as much as I need "controlled" distractions (I can hyper focus, it just doesn't happen often), they often spiral out of control and the next thing I know, an hour or more of time that could be spent doing updates or writing is gone.

Another reason for the struggle is all the time I no longer have. I used to be bedridden. Makes it pretty easy to find time for words and sites if you physically can't do housework or cook or anything. Now I do both of those plus exercise, and they are a huge chunk of the time I've lost. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be healthy and on my feet, but at least half my lost time, if not more, is from those things.

I am working on it though. I am slowly developing a habit of getting words in on my primary novel before I do dishes. Of all the writing based things I do, from crits at Dreaming In Ink to revisions, getting my own fresh words down is the most important at the moment.

And I really need to get this timing thing under control: we're adding a baby into the house in February. We'll be raising our grandson as my youngest is in no way ready to be a mom. It's been a few years since I had to mom an infant, but as I recall, they take up A LOT of time. We're looking forward to it, but it's going to be one more challenge in the mix.

Goals are supposed to help with focus and getting things done, usually. Somehow, last year's goals just fell apart for me. But using them as an idea of where my limits are and knowing that things are about to get a bit more crazy in the house helped me edit and determine this year's goals in such a way that I hope they're more doable.

At the top of my 2016 list: be mindful. Be present in all things. The challenge is to manage the multi-tasking I need to do to keep moving while still being present in what I'm doing, especially since project transitions are difficult for me. I've only been working on this for about a week and a half, and it's hard. I manage it some of the times, but I have more times when I realize I have no idea what just happened or is going on. I actually don't mind this so much when writing—it means I'm drawn into the story and the work. That's a good thing. But when it happens at other times, it can be pretty frustrating. I have to take a deep breath and remind myself this is a new thing, and new things take time to do even remotely well.

And here are the other goals for the year:

Personal/Health :: lose 20 pounds
· 12.5k steps/day
· cut out my late night snack (10 days in, I'm managing about half the time)
· plan/shop for/prepare 4 vegetarian dinners/week

Writing :: read 45 books
· 350 words/day (100 more than what I aimed for in 2015)
· finish Tirs
· Chosen to v3
· replot Shades

Web/Etc :: updates twice a month to whysper, journeys, and at least 1 general update to alden/month
· a new layout for alden

I also have one personal relationship goal and plan to be more aware of some of our spending to I can manage the money better than I have in recent months.

I'm having some opening year hiccups (having to transition to a new email address to avoid downtime in the future, having a stone bruise that's been limiting my mobility, and a few other small things), but I think most of these, while challenging, are reachable. We'll see if I have to make any adjustments once baby boy is here. These are more focused than last year (especially in the writing area: 3 books instead of 4 or 5 on the to do list), take into account what I accomplished last year, and try to be more aware of current circumstances (for example, the weight loss is now subject to the menopausal struggle, which, yes, is very real). I may not hit all the marks, but I have high expectations for this year. It's about time to have a good one (the last two have been difficult, and that's being kind).

And, really, the only way you fail is if you don't try. Trying and missing the mark is just a learning experience.

I'll have to do a project and publication update in another post. I'm dipping my toes into short story submissions again (I do this intermittently because what else am I going to do with all those stories?), Chosen is off to markets and agent, sequels are being written and new book ideas are being poked at, there's an upcoming publication, and more. All stuff that deserves its own entry.

Besides, write about all of it now, what will I write about next?

I have high hopes for this year. It's having a rocky start, but hopefully it'll get better from here. Hope you and yours have an excellent year as well. Challenge yourself! Try and learn. Do at least that much, and it'll be a good year indeed.

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Then There Are Weeks Like This...

I got off on the right foot this week: checked submissions, logged a few non-responses, subbed Charms at a couple of small presses, managed a revision of an Assassin's chapter, even realized that I needed a better way of tracking where I'm at on current projects and setting that up. But last week's crap wasn't done, and we're still dealing with sick cats, and I'm now frantically playing catch up on a few bills that were shorted in order to take care of the sick cats. And if there's one thing I've not learned how to work around when it comes to my writing, it's home life stress. Especially home life stress that needs my attention. So what started off as getting on the right track devolved into brain mush and being lucky if I could focus and comprehend a TV show.

And I have no idea what the solution is to be able to get through weeks like this and still get work done. And I know I need to find one. Small presses are more flexible, it's true, but if I ever get published by a one of the big guys (and, yes, that's still a dream for me), I need to be able to make deadlines, especially since I'm already a slow writer as it is (need to work on that too).

So this is my short and sweet update: life has exploded and I'm working on it. The things wrecking havoc on us over these last two weeks aren't dealt with 100%, so this next week is looking as bad as the last one. This next week, however, I plan to reclaim my yoga time before long as the weather isn't so bad I'd freeze to death in the process. :P

I nudged the one small press that already had Charms (turns out they didn't, so then I resubbed) and went hunting for new ones to send it to. Lordy, is it difficult to find decent small presses. And you really need to vet them because even the "good" ones can implode unexpectedly (there have been two or three of those implosions in rather dramatic fashion over the last couple of years). So first I check the submission guidelines and make sure they take my genre. There are a lot of fantasy presses out there, but many of them are very specific fantasy (romantic fantasy or middle grade fantasy, for example, neither of which I write). Then I check the Absolute Write Water Cooler for recent news on said press before exploring the press's site further. I think 90% of the presses I check out fail. Over 3 days of searching, I managed to find 3 places I felt comfortable submitting to. I'm going to leave it at that for now.

This next week, I'm hoping to focus on getting my shorts back out there. Still not pressuring myself about it, but got to keep them in circulation as well. And one of my reprints just became available again.

The tough thing about the writing itself right now is that all the projects are pretty much in revisions, which means no new words. It tends to be new words that get me energized as a writer. It's tougher in revisions for a lot of reasons, including being harder to break off and come back to a chapter later. But if I wait until I have the time I think I'll need to get a chapter done, my brain is usually done by then, even if all I've managed is exercise, housework, and making dinner. Some of it is the ADHD, some of it is just "needing a break/rest." And lately, because of needing to get things done in the house and taking care of my boy, I've been going to bed about the time my usual second wind and most creative time hits.

There's a lot of balancing I need to figure out to get past this. I'm doing better in some ways than last year: I'm finding my "spaces" again for some things. Hopefully before the end of this year, I'll have this sorted out as well. That will go a long way to getting through weeks like this and still getting the writing done.

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Working On This Time Thing

As I've mentioned before, one of the biggest challenges I've had recently is time management. When I wasn't capable of much, I had tons of time to write. It's easy to do that when you don't have much else going on. When I worked as a sub, I learned how to work the writing in around breaks most of the time. but there were days, even weeks, when that wasn't possible.

Lately, my days feel a lot like those weeks, but instead of grading and lesson planning, I've got exercise, housework, meal planning, and cooking. I've cut back some on the exercise, but really can't cut back more at the moment. As for the rest of it, not much cutting back can be done. The only way to make this work is to somehow get my ADHD brain focused more quickly in the time I have and to start sprinting again.

I started using sprints a few years ago. The idea is to write in short spurts in those little spaces between activities. They require that you get focused quickly since you're working them in in between other things. They're also easier when I'm working on the middle phases of my plot building through to the rough draft. The earlier phases aren't really conducive to that flow that results in words—I'm working out the ideas that will get me a solid foundation for the story. So in a way, sprinting works since there's a lot of bits being developed at that point, but there's not usually a lot of words as I think things through. But the biggest challenge is getting focused and getting to work. Corralling my brain and thoughts is like herding cats. I once did a stream of consciousness writing thing, and in the space of 2 or 3 minutes, I had over a dozen ideas on the page. brain doesn't corral easily.

The other problem is having 4 projects on the table right now. I usually limit myself to 2, 3 at the most, but I want to get the current revision of Quest done before I take it off the table for awhile. My solution was to work on two of them during the week and the other two on the weekend. So far, that hasn't been going so well. Some of that has to do with the time management issues, and some of that has to do with what I'm in the mood to work on at the time.

I'm trying to develop the work habits to carry me through one complete project, so I try, but that tends to damn up the words as well. I may need to just focus on Quest and Chosen until I can put Quest away. The problem with that is I need new work to start sending out to agents, and neither of these really qualify. However, if these two projects will help me get some much needed habits in place, it may be worth the delay on the newer work. It may be easier to work on this time thing if there are habits in place that help enforce getting to work right away.

It's hard to be patient as I build these habits again. I write slow enough as it is. But the disarray of my writing habits have been a few years old, between changing home routines (including getting healthier, adding exercise, and my son finishing high school) and moves, so it's going to take time to get things back in order. Even without the cats.

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New Directions

The end of 2014 was pretty busy, unfortunately none of it had to do with writing. Last year was a lot of wheel spinning, especially in writing and weight loss. Assassin's has pretty much reached the end of the line with agents and small presses with no input to show for it; Charms reached the end of the agent list with plenty of praise but no one offering to represent. I won't even go into weight. All I can say there is at least I feel healthier and stronger. Sadly, more effort went into exercise and household stuff than writing, a lot of which had to do with feeling...not quite defeated, more as if I were banging my head against the wall. It became harder to work on just about everything.

After some discussions with some writers I respect, I've decided to move forward by going in new directions for me. My focus has always been on traditional publishing. While I'm not giving up that dream entirely (I need to get to work on new projects for it, and have 2 somewhat started), it's pretty much done for these two books. If I see an agent they haven't been to who might fit, I'll probably still submit them that way, but in general, both have pretty much reached the end of their agent lists. The near total silence for Assassin's was discouraging, but the general praise but no thanks responses to Charms were downright depressing.


While Assassin's was making the rounds, I began working on another series in the same world (Chosen) and realized I had a problem: the language level I hear for Alden in Assassin's works for that particular novel but not necessarily for all the books planned in the world. So it's going through another revision to bring it to a point that would work for all the novels in that world. My current goal is to self-publish it, but I might send it out to agents once more when it's revised. I'll have to think about it then. The target for self-publishing is early 2016, but it's not set in stone.

Charms is hitting the small press circuit. I'm picking my presses carefully, which may or may not help--we've seen a few of the larger, established small presses crash and burn in dramatic ways over recent years, and the authors invariably end up getting the worst of the fallout. They also never saw their press as ever going down in flames until it actually happened, so even being careful may not save me grief in the future. However, from the agent responses, hopefully Charms has a good chance of being picked up by a reputable press.

Along with that, I have three other novels all in some kind of progress right now. Chosen will likely follow Assassin's into self-publication. I've waited a long time to write this one and am done waiting on it. The other two books are Shades of Reyn and Demons Rising. Shades is an urban fantasy in the same world as Charms but on the opposite coast with different characters, while Demons is an urban rewriting of a horror novella I started that some alpha readers really liked, but like all my novels at the time, ended up unfinished. I'm not primarily a horror writer, so want to bring it more into urban fantasy and finish it. Both of these are slated for future agent submissions, but it will be a bit before they're ready (next year at the earliest, I think).

Which brings me to this year's goals. I blew last year's (lowest word count ever since I started tracking in 2006), but goals still generally help keep me focused and working. So here they are....

» read 45 books

» get Quest (Assassin's book 2) v1 done, then set it aside
» get Chosen (Uncrowned book 1) to v3
» get Shades book 1 to v3
» get Demons book 1 to a completed rough draft
» learn the how to's for self-publishing Assassin's and my other Alden books
» revise and prep Assassin's for self-pub in 2016

I also plan to be more present both here at and on my social media. There's a lot of timing that has to be worked out, because that was on of the real problems with meeting my goals last year. To help, I've committed to 500 words minimum a day, either new or revised, as being the first thing after I workout (which I do right after I get up). Journal words like this will count towards that goal but not towards my actual annual word count tracking. The one area I have to really work on is transition time. I tend to sit and waste time doing...well, I'm not even sure (I don't play games or anything, so that's not's just general puttering around the net) rather than take 5-10 to breath then moving on to the next project or item on my to do list. This was fine when I was too sick to manage my house and everything else, but it doesn't work now that I'm on my feet.

So the big new direction for 2015 is to get a handle on how I spend my time and to waste less of it doing...pretty much nothing. lol I'm not sure why time became such an issue in 2014 when a lot of what I was doing then I was also doing in 2013 and 2012, but it's time to get back in control, get focused on what I want to achieve, and go for it.

Unfortunately, today that has to wait until after I make dinner. ;)

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Learning To Be Selfish...Again

As I'm sure the length of time between updates and entries probably indicates, I'm still struggling with time issues. I keep trying to find more time, but even when I do, it almost always gets eaten up by something else. Balance has always been hard for me, but this past year or so, just plain old management has become difficult. I've been trying to figure out how published authors manage all the basics (you know, taking care of house and home, kids, maybe a job) plus writing plus promotion plus touring (if they're so lucky). I know time is there, it's just so tiny, it's hard to decide what to do other than what comes up at the time.

The one thing I'm learning to do now, though, is to be selfish about writing time. Once the workout is done, once the basic household chores planned for the day are done, sometimes once dinner and dishes are out of the way (depending on how late it is), the first thing I do is write. Now, that may not sound selfish, but with a disabled son and my own health issues in play from being overweight, those are the basic things I have to get done in a day (though, depending on what it is and how late it is, a planned housecleaning task might get pushed to the following week). Even published writers have the minimum they need to get done in a day.

But once they're done, I aim for 500 words minimum, though I usually end up with more. Regardless, it's only once I hit that 500 minimum that I can move on to other things, whether it's a crit for Dreaming In Ink or web work or whatever. As a result, my word counts are moving back up. By mid-June, before instituting this little bit of selfishness, I had barely made it over 45,000 words for the year (by comparison, last year I had over 257,000 for the year, though that was down from the previous year's 489,000 words). Last week I crossed the 100,000 mark for the year (just over 102,000, as a matter of fact). Even better, the writerly juices are flowing. I've got a lot of stuff to work out in several novels, and while I'm still trying to sort those out, new ideas are starting to flow.

Writers have to be selfish of their writing time. I know this. There are times when I have to let it slide, but when I keep letting it slide, I always wonder what the heck I was thinking when I get back to it. When writers come to me and say they haven't been writing, they just haven't been able to find the time, I tell them it's not about finding time, it's about making time. To lose weight, we have to make time to exercise. We have to make time to eat healthier. And if it's important to us, we will make the time and do it. The same goes for writing: if it's important, I'll make time to do it. And writing is important to me. To make the time, I have to be selfish. I have to let the crits and things I do for others go, I have to let the website go, I have to let all the other 1001 distractions in my day go. I have to be selfish and make my daily appointment to reach 500 words.

I've enjoyed getting back into my writing groove. Now I just need to stop feeling guilty about all the things I don't do when I sit down to write. Learning that will probably be a little harder.

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In Between

There's a lot of transition going on in my life right now, and it's putting me in an "in between" place that can be hard to get out of. When in between, it can be hard to move from what's ending to something new. It's actually a bit of a frustrating space for me since I prefer to be "doing", but at the same time, I find it hard to kick myself into gear to actually DO anything.

It's annoying on so many levels.

Some of the transitions I'm dealing with right now are actually a bit more disruptive than usual. My son is done with school and now needs me to find ways other than TV to keep him occupied. This is tough on him because he liked school and it gave structure to his day, and if there's one thing I have difficulty with, it's structure. Yes, I have my to do lists, but I do whatever I want from those lists when I feel like doing them. This approach won't work so well with a kid who needs more guidance and oversight than a checklist provides. And it's tough on me because I no longer have the hours when he's gone to do whatever. I have to be aware of what he's doing and be ready to step in and nudge him to other activities. This isn't easy with a kid who has very few activities he likes.

Then there's the husband's new work schedule, which works for him, but has disrupted our cleaning routine. While that may sound a little silly, if there's one thing that works to get things done (from writing to cleaning), it's routine.

And seasonal changes are happening. The problem with this year's seasonal changes is that there was almost no transition from the really cold winter to the now really hot summer plus hurricane season is starting. Me and heat and humidity and storms do not get along. I've been having trouble with being sluggish and too hot to do anything...and we're just getting started.

As for the writing, it's suffering. With Tirs set aside for the moment, and A.C. not being published as originally planned (thus taking the pressure off to get Quest done), I'm looking at other projects. That leaves Shades, which is still giving me trouble on the ending, and Chosen. Now Chosen isn't so much being problem as...honestly, I don't know. I feel a bit disconnected. And the usual routines aren't helping. I've had this problem before, but not usually for as long as I've been dealing with it this time around. I suspect that the weather has been part of it, but I can't keep letting it get int he way. Once the storms start to hit, there will be down days because of the headaches, so I've got to get back to taking advantage of the good days as soon as I can.

And I'll freely admit, the waiting for word back on submissions isn't really helping. And maybe this is the biggest problem of all for me right now: I'm not feeling any motivation to do anything because I'm hitting a place where it's hard to be hopeful. This is when I should be working with new projects. The problem is my new projects, the stuff I like to read and write, isn't in the areas of fantasy that are being sold right now, so it's hard to be motivated to write anything. I will get out of this space, it's just harder to ignore when already in a slump elsewhere.

The space in between things isn't necessarily a bad place to be: we all need down time and transition time. I'm just not good at either one of those. It's actually irritating me that I can't seem to get out of this "slump." I know I will eventually, but right now I'm in that space where it irritates me that I can't get the brain and keyboard going, but apparently doesn't irritate me enough to give me a kick in the butt when it's my writing time. That in between space is a good time to recharge, I'm just not good at taking advantage of it.

With all the transitions going on at the moment, it's going to be an interesting summer. Writing will be a part of it, even if it continues to be in the little splats that it's become lately. It just would be nice if I could get back to the daily dose of writing that I was doing before the trouble with Tirs started.

And, yea, I'm going to blame the book.

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Changing Coarse

Every now and then in life, we make a decision, then as new information comes to light, we have to reevaluate and maybe even reverse coarse. The same happens in publishing. I've had anthologies canceled in recent years (one in particular upset me because it took so long to find that story a home), a short story pulled when the editor and I didn't see eye to eye on his edits (and he apparently forgot that he'd agreed to run edits by me first), I've even withdrawn pieces here and there for various reasons. One things about the process: it may be full of exciting things, but you have to be comfortable with those things. You have to listen to the voice that tells you something isn't quite right and be prepared to step back.

And that's what's happened with Assassin's Choice. And the Drakkina Press co-op. The more we looked at what we needed to do, the more we realized we weren't prepared and didn't have the resources to do it right. We lined up a member editor, had then lost a member artist (not realizing at the time there needed to be TWO covers), figured out our printer, then ran into a snag with ebooks. When we lost the artist, we ran into pricing problems for other artists int he sense that neither of us had the funds to cover an outside artist. And the more we looked into the things we needed to do not just to get the books out there, but to do it "right" and to make sure we had a quality product, the more we realized we didn't have the resources to make the co-op work. In the end, we decided it just isn't the time for us to do this thing, as much as we would like to.

So, Assassin's is back on the submissions-go-round. I found a few agents I haven't queried yet, and it's off tot hem. I have a new small press list to start submitting to if those come back with rejections. I'm not ready to trunk this book. Or the rest of the series. If I'm on better financial footing in a few years, and it still hasn't found a decent home, I may look at self-pubbing it again (making sure to give myself plenty of lead time to learn the things I need to learn to do it well).

I'm still working on Quest. Sort of. The last few weeks have been oddly...unwriterly. It's been hard to get myself focused on the writing. ANY writing. Not sure why. I've had tailspins before when routines change, but nothing quite this bad. It's been liking pushing through sludge for everything the last few months. And I mean everything. I know it will eventually turn around; I'm just hoping it's soon. Before summer soon would be nice. Regardless, this si when the "practice" comes in: I've been writing nearly every day for a long time, building up habits in preparation for having a contract and a time limit to get the work done. If this kind of thing can happen without a contract in play, it sure can happen with a contract in play. I've got to be able to get past it and keep writing. While I have more freedom as a writer now, I also need to make I'm preparing for life as an author with deadlines.

Changing coarse doesn't mean giving up on the dream. Just means I have to keep working on it. Keep writing, working on new stuff when old stuff isn't making headway (without giving up on the old stuff completely), keep submitting and querying. This is what authors do.

This is what I do.

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Refining the Projects

I'm working on three active novels right now...sort of. While a lot of the early derailment this month has to do with illness, and another portion can be blamed on trying to recover the habits and routines that fell apart when editing took over my life, working on three books at once? Not working.

So here's the plan at this point....

1. Finish this round of revisions on Crown of Tirs, the second book in the Randi Kayde series, then set it aside for the moment. Since Charms is still making rounds, there's no rush to get it polished, and once this round of revisions are done, there's enough of a foundation to let it sit and come back to it later without wondering what I was doing with it. And for Tirs, some space might be a good idea.

Tirs has been a difficult book to write. When I wrote the rough draft, I had my subplots and all that figured out, but they never made it into the rough because I was concerned about the main plot making sense. I didn't do this deliberately, and honestly didn't really think about it until my alpha reader pointed out how straight forward it was. Since then, I've been working in the missing subplots and such, and now it looks like I may need to shuffle some of the scenes around—next round. I never want to write a book in this way again, and I need a break from this one before my brain implodes. But I need to finish working the missing stuff in before I can set it aside.

2. Continue to work on my alternate project, Quest For Ehlarayn, the second book in the Heroes of Ehlarayn trilogy. With Assassin's Choice slated for release in September, this one needs to remain an active project. Fortunately, the hardest part of the Alden novels is language, and I don't worry so much about that until the revision process is nearly done.

Once Tirs is done, Quest will become my primary project.

3. Chosen, the first book in the Uncrowned trilogy, is on the sidelines until Tirs is done, then will move up to being my alternate project. Which is not to say no work is being done on it at all, it's just not steady and will mostly focus on world building.

Waiting in the wings: Shades of Reyn, an urban in the same world as the Randi Kayde series but on the opposite coast, and Phoenix Rising, the first in an Alden series that occurs earlier than either Ehlarayn or Uncrowned.

I've been considering trying my hand at some new shorts again, but seeing that's unlikely to happen. Even if I manage to get my routine settled, there's just not enough hours in the day. I'm getting better at setting things up and faster at writing the rough drafts, but I'm still a slow writer and a slower reviser. One day, that may no longer be true, but if there's one thing I'm learning, it's to be aware of and to pay attention to my limits, especially if I want to get things finished.

Persistence. Focus. Don't Overload. These three things keep me moving forward and help me get the projects done without losing my mind.

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A Peek Into 2014

I haven't reviewed my goals this year yet, though I can say more of them went unmet than got crossed off, but I'm already looking forward and planning for next year. Here's some of the things on, and off, the plate for 2014:

Editing: Mostly off the plate. Editing for a small press this past year seriously ate into my own writing, especially since I'm dedicating time to working out and becoming a healthier me. And it didn't feel worth the trade. Yes, there were a few times when projects and money came my way when we were in need, but the work was nothing I felt I could be proud of. This is the risk you take when editing for a small press: that they will accept work that is not ready for publication, and that was the trend with this particular press. Of the half dozen or so manuscripts I had a hand in, only two (by the same author) were publication ready. The others not only had issues with the writing itself, but also plotting, character, and world building issues that would have had me rejecting them if they'd crossed my email when I was at Lilley Press.

This year, the only editing I'll do (if any) is freelance with projects I feel won't completely bog me down. I doubt many will come my way to even consider, however, so I doubt I'll be doing much, if any, editing this year. And with the other things going on for me right now, this is not a bad thing.

Writing: There is a lot going on with my writing this upcoming year. I've just started a new epic trilogy and have two books that are the second in a series to finish. The focus on novels is nothing unusual, having three going on at once is. I like having two to alternate between, having to work in the third will be a challenge. I've considered setting Chosen aside until the two others are done, but that book has been on hold for over a decade; it's time to get that sucker done. The other two are both in revisions, so hopefully this won't be as big a deal as it seems at the moment: revising is a whole different monster from drafting. And the three books are pretty much unrelated (though two are int he same world), which should help. It's definitely going to push my boundaries.

Publishing: And this is why a third book was added to my list for the year. I'm working with another author to set up an author co-op publisher, and the first book that will be released is Assassin's Choice. That means I have to work on the sequel, Quest. The co-op/press is Drakkina Press, and the release date is currently slated for September 2014. This is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Self-pub was not a path I was ever aiming for, and I still think Assassin's is worthy of a traditional or small press contract, but I can also see the issues those publishers probably have had with it. It's VERY traditional epic fantasy (which may be doing well in film, but in books, it still needs to be "edgy", and this is so not that), and the market for that is so very tiny.

Also still in the mix is the cupcake business, plus my son will be out of school for good come May, and that will result in a whole new set of issues to manage.

AND I'm considering giving a new look. It's not 100% decided yet, but it'd probably time for it.

It's going to be a busy year, and there will be a lot of pushing of my boundaries again. But I'm looking forward to it.

Here's to an amazing 2014!

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Getting There

The last manuscript for that small press is about done. One more round next week to look over some minor tweaks, then it should go straight to the press, and I'll be done with that. Not planning to go into small press editing again any time soon. The pay just isn't worth the investment or dealing with bad writing and diva authors. I may do editing for friends who choose to self-publish, but at least then I can choose the manuscripts and make sure they're fairly solid to start with. Obviously, I'm not planning at making a business at it.

This past week has shown me how important it is to get past this small press editing work just in terms of time. I've always been able to squeeze a little time in on my own writing, but it's been tough finding time for much else these days. Everything that's not health, house, or writing related has suffered over the last few months. Just the updates to show that. I think one of my plans for next year is to start working on a schedule that includes a day just for web work again. This will become particularly important if certain possibilities (that I'm not going into right now) come to pass. The one place I shouldn't be neglecting is my author site, regardless of what happens, but I have to carve out the time for it. As it stands, I'm hugely behind on updates, and I'm sure the site could use a new layout/design. Since I like my sites to be fairly unique, that means investing some time into graphics making.

But none of that is happening until after the holidays. Then I'll look at redesigning and streamlining the site. For now, I'm still alive, still writing, just...buried under a ton of stuff and time management issues. Sad but true.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

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In Progress Updates & Other Things

I'm trying to get some editing off my plate, which is hard when the work being edited is...a whole lot less than ready than it should be. I can't say much, but I can say this: don't go to an editor and get your novel "fixed up" before you submit. Agents, publishers, and editors need to see what YOU are capable of, and most of them really don't like bait and switch. Be honest with who you are as a writer. It will make for a much better working relationship.

Summer has ended for us. Kiddo is in his last year at his school's work program. I'm hoping I can now get caught up on things and be more present here, but the operative word there is hope. Kiddo doesn't take up much time, but somehow he does at the same time. Pretty sure the same principle applies when hubs is home and somehow things don't get done. Time gets sucked into a black hole. I also usually end up having no idea what I did manage to do. This could become a problem when kiddo is out of his program completely, but I've got a few months before I need to worry about that.

So, the plan right now is to get these two novels I'm currently editing back to the publisher as quickly as possible, to drop my editing down to the one author who has requested me and limit taking on any others after this. Once all that is done, I can start moving more time into the cupcake sales we're planning to do at a local farmer's market. Since we're planning that for this fall (October at the latest), there will be overlap. One novel needs another go round and the other needs at least two. Neither will be completely off my plate before the end of the year, I'm pretty sure. This is slow, even for me, and I suspect that's why the publisher hasn't sent any others my way, but at this point, that's going to make the cupcake thing easier so it's a good thing.

Still out on the submissions-go-round: Assassin's Choice is now hitting small presses and Blood Charms is still being queried with agents. Charms has gotten fairly positive feedback,so as far as I can tell, it's not broken, it's just proving a harder sell than expected. No one who has commented has disliked it or mentioned anything negative, but there's signs the UF trend is on the downward slope. Still, the input on Charms has been good, so it might have an easier time in the small press markets than A.C. if it gets that far.

I'll be at Dragon Con this year. At least that's the plan. Not a guest, so not on any panels, but I'll be about. Really looking forward to it.

Current works in progress:

Tirs :: second Randi Kayde book Trying to get this one polished, then Randi will be set aside until Charms gets an agent or sells. Am having to rework the latter third of the book, but it's coming along.

Phoenix R :: first book in the Phoenix House series. Set in the same world as A.C. (Alden) but generations earlier. Will finish the first go through on revisions then probably set it aside for a bit.

Chosen :: first in the Uncrowned trilogy. Also set in Alden but generations after A.C. This is the book I've been waiting to write until I felt capable of tackling it. It's been a project on ignore for some time, and now it won't be ignored anymore.

Once P.R., I'll probably attempt to pick up Shades, which is in the same world as Randi's books but on the opposite coast and with a different character. It's mostly outline, just needs some back end work.

Coming out soon:

"Promises" :: due to come out in the October anthology, Wrapped In Red: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric Horror by Sekhmet Press.

Haven't worked on or subbed too many shorts of late—they're too much work for the payback and became pointless when Duotrope went to pay. Just don't have the funds to sink $60 into a service that won't pay for itself yet. I understand why they went pay, I just can't afford to. I should be subbing more now that there's The Grinder.

And that's pretty much it. Need to shuffle a few more things off my to do list, then hopefully I can focus more on the writing. And the cupcakes, since they may indeed become a thing for us. I don't mind too much, but having to test new flavors and having them hang out a the house is wrecking havoc on my diet a bit.

One more thing to work on.

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It has been a long and eventful year. Make that a couple of years. Un and under employment, two moves, losing a pet, family moving in...and back out again, two graduations, my husband changing jobs twice then going from one two to to three jobs at one time. And that's just what I can remember. I started all that with a pretty decent writing routine, but all the changes between locations and the time I have available and in schedules have pretty much battered those routines to death. And now I find myself almost in the same place I was a few years after I finally started taking my writing seriously: struggling to get the words down, struggling to get into routine again, and feeling myself flounder.

Change is the one constant in life. To be successful in any endeavor, we must be able to adapt to change. In a way, a regular job with a boss and a steady paycheck can anchor us and help us weather the other changes in our lives. Writers who don't have that constant have to find a way to navigate change while maintaining their commitment to their craft, and it can be very easy to end up where I am now.

So, for me, it's time to rebuild. I need a new routine that takes into account my domestic goddess duties, which are more time consuming since I no longer have children in the house to help, and my part time editing job while at the same time making sure I make time for and do my writing. I'm also spending more time working out so I can lose over 100 pounds. It's a lot to work in, but these are my priorities, and everything else I choose to do has to be taken on in light of these things. A lot of evaluation going on in my life right now. It's been haphazard in recent months as my schedules and routines have fallen apart and my environment has changed, but now, as life becomes less volatile, it's time for me to determine what I'm doing in a more deliberate way.

Some habits got broken over the last year, especially my night time writing/revising habits. It's time to reclaim them. Other habits are new and finding space for them has been challenging. The good news is that we are finally in a better place and focusing on survival is no longer eating up all my resources. Transitioning into a new schedule has been a little harder than I expected, but the foundation is there just waiting for me to grab hold again.

Hopefully, as I get myself back together as a writer, there will be more going on here at Alden. Journeys is going to transition into my being my writer blog (hopefully with more interesting content than my LJ ever had, though a few of those posts may end up coming over here as well since I'm leaving LJ as a blogging platform). There are a lot of updates that need to be made here at Alden, including the layout (since the all green has been here a few years now), and being around here more should help. It won't happen instantaneously—rebuilding takes time and there's a lot of bad habits and laziness to clear out now—but it will happen. Just don't mind the dust between now and then.

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The Benefit of Habits

The upheaval is over, and we're finally settled for awhile. Thank goodness. There's a lot of things I have to get back to doing (and am having trouble getting back to!), but thankfully, writing isn't one of them.

I think I mentioned before that when I first started writing, it was hard getting into some kind of regular schedule. There were weeks when I was lucky to get 500 words. But I persisted and slowly developed a habit of writing almost every day. It took years, and I've had to adjust the timing or the how a number of times over the years. For awhile there, I had to do 10 to 20 minute sprints. When I was substitute teaching, I had to learn to write in the spaces between classes: when I had free time or at lunch. More recently, I've changed to night time writing, bridging the end of one day and the beginning of the next. But regardless of the how or the when, I kept working on trying to write every day. Weekly goals helped (although I rarely made them at first). But the biggest help was persistence. I was determined to make writing a part of my day, and I never gave up on it even when I missed days at a time. And eventually, without me even realizing it, I developed a habit of writing most days.

And now, when my life has been in upheaval, I get to reap one of the important benefits of developing that habit: I kept writing. Except for the days we were actually moving, and the days of packing and the first few of unpacking, I've been writing most every day. Everything else may have gone down the drain, but not my writing. And now that things are settling, I'm not having to struggle to keep on writing. I have had to adjust back to that bridge time, and I've had to work a bit to put down more words (since, yes I was writing, but I wasn't writing a lot during the upheaval), but the actual writing? Not a struggle (at least once I was no longer exhausted). As a result, the second book in the Randi Kayde series is well on its way, and I'm nearing the end of the first in another series.

It's so easy to let life derail us, at least for me. I've been stressed, sick, worried about where we were going to live, and so on and so forth, yet I've continued to write. At the time I was developing this habit, it was frustrating. One week, I'd have 350 words, the next 2000, and the next none. I couldn't understand why I couldn't just sit down and make sure to write something, anything, every day. But I kept at it, and now when I've needed that habit the most, it's paid off.

If you're struggling to make writing your habit, remember two things:

1. You don't find the time to write, you make it.

2. Keep at it. Don't let missing a day or three stop you. Eventually, you'll get there.

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Coming Out Of Darkness

The last few months have been an interest mix of good and bad and stress. After Charms went off to betas, it wasn't too hard to not think about it too much. We had bigger things to worry about, the main one being the need to move out of a house that was literally toxic to our physical health and the health of our finances.

Turns out it wasn't as easy as we'd hoped.

We honestly were looking for a rent to own and ended up in attempting to buy instead. There were a lot of things going on around the sale (and still are) that made it even more stressful than it really needed to be, and I found myself unable to do do as much as I was used to doing. Instead of swapping between two novels, I could only focus on one. Short stories? Ignored. Submissions pretty much were ignored as well. My energy and focus was so completely wrapped up in surviving the process, I barely had enough left to write and manage the few responsibilities I have other than motherhood.

And you know, sometimes we have to focus on what's the most important in our lives and let other things go because there's just no space for them. But at the same time, I was still writing and attempted to keep to my usual routines as much as possible. It's the habits and routines of my day that help keep me grounded when everything else is going crazy or the stress is so high all I want to do is sleep. And it is those habits that help me settle into new routines and new places when I need to. And, honestly, they help keep me sane. If I let the stress overwhelm me enough to stop me from writing, I don't think I'd get through as well.

By the same token, there were days when I didn't get out of bed, when the lure of sleeping of the stress was too much to ignore. And sometimes we all need a day in bed. It's not wrong, it's not bad (as much as my inner responsibility voice would imply otherwise). As long as you're not spending days or weeks in bed, a day off of life isn't a bad thing and can help you face the next day better than you would have without the day off.

Things are not still resolved when it comes to where we'll finally be living and whether or not we'll own this house, but things ARE better than they were. We went through some of the worst stress I've ever experienced, but we came out of it in a better place, regardless of whether or not we get to keep the house. And I'm slowly recovering my ability to work on more than one novel, I'm kinda looking at my short stories again, and I've been submitting. I'm slowly building back up to the level of work managed that I was doing before things got really bad. And it's not nearly as hard as it would be if I had let everything go.

And I'll take that.

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Writing In Crises

This has been a difficult year. Actually, that's probably an understatement. Last year, the recession didn't really touch our household: we were already in the un/under employed category and barely surviving. We had no savings, no investments, heck, we didn't even have a car because of a hydroplaning accident early in the year. I didn't think we would be much hit by the recession, to be honest. We were already near rock bottom, just above living on the streets. But this year did hit hard. We managed to keep a roof over our heads, but just barely. The strain took a toll on pretty much all aspects of our lives.

When there's a lot going on in my life, especially a lot that takes most of my energy and focus just to survive, things other than surviving become footnotes in my day. If I can find whatever I need to do it, then I do it; if not, well, then it doesn't get done. I suspect most of us are this way. We have a finite amount of ourselves to put into anything. When survival takes up most of that, everything that's not important has to be pushed aside. And this is where I was, pretty much, for most of 2011: skating from one crises to the next, keeping a roof over our heads, juggling the bills, doing everything I could to keep my family housed and fed while making sure my husband finished school.

Where I was fortunate was time. I stay home because my son needs me, and with only one car, there was no way to make a job work, assuming I could find one I could do during the limited hours I had open. So I had more time to do other things, even when most my other resources were pretty low. And instead of using that time to sleep or to worry, I wrote. I worked on Charms almost every day. It was probably the one thing that saved me from letting our circumstances drag me down. And I attribute that ability to keep writing, despite the stress life was piling on my shoulders, to the habits and routines I've spent years developing.

I started tracking weekly word counts and goals back in 2004/2005. I originally used a refillable planner, but later decided on separate annual planners. The first year was spotty at best. I didn't list any goals, was lucky to get 500 words in a week, and had entire months where I wrote nothing at all either in the planner or on paper. That started to change in 2007. I'd miss a day or two a week, but most days have writing progress recorded. The lowest week: 232 words. Most weeks averaged 2 or 3000 words. And I did have one week where I made over 9000 words. Just seeing the annual word count rise was enough to encourage me to keep going. By the end of 2008, I was including small, weekly to do lists. Those lists got larger, and I started breaking them down into daily to do lists by 2009. I learned to keep the planner next to me, open so I could see my list for the day. Just that one thing helped me to develop a habit of working on my writing every day.

And that habit and this year's planner have kept me writing through all the stress of this year. My planner is by my bed. I take it, and anything I need to work on, with me when I go places, if I can. Each night, I write the next's day's to do list, which always includes some writing. Each day, I cross things off as I get them done. This year, despite everything, I averaged about 6-9000 words/week, with some weeks as high as 15-20,000 words. My total word count this year is just over 584,000 with another 6-10,000 probably before the end of the year. I admit that the count would probably be significantly lower if I'd been working, but the habits I started developing in 2004 saved me this year. They kept me writing even when it was almost too depressing to keep doing much of anything anymore. And I can't highlight the encouragement and company of fellow writings enough. They believed in me, and that helped keep me going when I could no longer find a reason to believe in myself.

And I learned one other thing: that I can do it. We look at circumstances we've not experienced and say, "oh, there's no way I could do that!" I'm here to say we can. I've learned it a day at a time, a week at a time, a month at a time. You make your goals doable. You write them down. You cross them off as you finish. You track your progress, and that progress will keep you going when you don't see progress happening anywhere else. When you're ready to give up, those habits kick in, and the next thing you know, you're doing whatever it is you needed to do that day. They become our strength when we feel we have none. They help push us onward when no other reward is in sight.

Yea, it was a bad year in so many ways. But sometimes it takes a bad year to see what we're really made of, to see that we have the strength to do the things we need or want to do in spite of it all. And in the end, we come out even stronger and we've learned something about ourselves.

Keep on writing. No matter what.

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There's Writing & Then There's Writing

So, keep meaning to update, but it just never seems to come together as often as I'd like. There's a lot of reason for this, the first being real life. It's been busy. Hubs was finally offered a job, and we've been working around new schedules as his winter quarter ended and the job started, and again now as both he and our oldest get back into college together (at the same school, even, which actually is helping us incredibly when it comes to the payments we need to make). My younger kids are about to have their spring break, which means a week or two more of upheaval before everyone is out of the house and we have something of a routine for the next few months.

With all the busyness, I sometimes have to make choices in my writing time, which is hard because I really would like to get EVERYTHING in. But everything is A LOT of stuff: two novels in progress, shorts in revisions, upkeep of a couple of different journals (each with their own focus, for the most part), upkeep of three websites (including the author site), plus the management of the writing group. And all of that has to be worked in around being the mother of an active family and having the husband working AND in school. That means a lot of the things he was managing, I have to take care of now, so time has become even tighter for me. And with the oldest in college now as well, I'll be called on to baby sit more frequently. And three year olds are entertaining to watch (most of the time) but aren't conducive to high word counts.

So there have been a number of times (and will be more of them in the future) where the choice has been writing in a journal or working on a novel or story, and the choice for a writer is obvious. Which is not to say that's always what's going on—I do have this starting problem where I have a hard time getting things going so I procrastinate by doing anything but any kind of writing. I'm working on that. I'm also working on becoming a faster writer, but that's going about as well as taking care of all the things I procrastinate with. Thankfully, none of those things are Facebook or WoW. lol

And then there are the days where I have to push to get anything done.

So the pushing and the choosing the fiction over the journals means that the Blood Charms building draft is done and off to an apha reader to make sure my plot is worked out, the timeline works, and most the major issues are working out the way they should...and whether or not the novel needs another body or two or anything needs a little filling out. The break also gives me a few days to decide whether I want to push for a rough draft or consider the building draft as the rough draft and start revising once I get it back from her. I suspect it'll end up in the middle: taking care of the messes she finds, adding where I need to answer, then going into revisions from there.

In the meantime, I'm working on Quest For Ehlarayn, book 2 of the Heroes trilogy that was begun with Assassin's Choice. Still waiting on those beta readers, but they have until some time in May, so that's fine even if I am a bit antsy. When I originally wrote the Heroes trilogy, I actually did the novel plotting for all three books so I have rough drafts for all three books. But since then, book 1 has changed so much, that I need to make A LOT of adjustments to accommodate those changes (not in plot, thankfully, but even with the plot the not butchered, there's enough that has to be worked through that it's going to really expand the drafts). Lesson learned: basic plotting out of a trilogy all at once works; writing a trilogy all the way through all at once, not so much. lol

As soon as I get Charms back, I'll be working on that, and the next time I pick up Quest will be after I've posted it to DII and take a bit of a break from it. Then I'll get Quest up to par and up at DII before I get back to Charms. That's the plan anyway. Only time will tell if it actually gets followed that way. ;)

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Not As Busy, Still Going

The house has fallen through. This is upsetting on so many different levels, but it also means that I have A LOT less stress and a bit more time to focus on my writing. There's still fallout to deal with: getting youngest into a better school than her home school, cleaning up the financial mess left behind, recovering or adjusting routines that were disrupted and now either need to get back on track or will need to be readjusted to things like youngest's change in schools, and so on and so forth...oh! And unpacking. We had started packing and the house has kind of...fallen apart in the craziness, so, yea, will be cleaning up, de-fleaing, and unpacking again. Not particularly thrilled with how things turned out, but I saw what was coming and got my grieving done before the final ax came down, so I'm angry at what happened (and how), but ready to move forward with what we need to do.

The good news is that I kept up on my Assassin's Choice revisions. I'm halfway through v6 and should have it finished and ready for beta readers by December. At least that's my hope. I've been so focused on A.C. that my other projects have been pretty much set aside for the time being. I might be able to pick them up with less on my mind and less to do, but I'm not going to worry about it if I don't. A.C. deserves to be done; I've been working on it for far too long and it's just time to get it off the plate and maybe out the door.

Why would I hang onto it after it's done? My main concern is the chance of a multi-book contract. I don't see my Alden books taking 2 years or less from start to finish, and most have indicated that 2 years is generally the time expected between books in a series. So I need to get the second book to the point that A.C. is at now before I run A.C. itself around. There may be a day when an Alden book will take 2 years or less, it's just not today. ;)

As for the other novels in process: Blood Charms is ready for me to start the building draft (which is the draft before the rough draft: a lot of information is supposed to go into the building draft, but I'm not sure that's what will happen here), and Phoenix Rising is about ready for the rough. I've not been working on any shorts, and haven't been submitting much either. This is one of those things I knew to drop since the house stress was already making me crazy. Submitting shorts is already a frustrating process, so I really didn't need that on top of the house stuff. I probably won't get back to submissions until the new year. The current focus is A.C., Charms, and Phoenix. Once A.C. is finished, I'll be moving on to book 2 in the trilogy, Quest for Ehlarayn, which is already stripped back and ready for me to get back to work on.

In other news, the husband is in culinary school and very happy. Unfortunately, he also lost his job, which is actually only bad because of the lack of a paycheck. The job itself was making him miserable and being run in an unethical manner. We plan to report and sue, it's just taking us time to get it all figured out...and to find a lawyer. In the meantime, he's looking for work in the industry. He's not done a resume snow storm as of yet since midterms are a big concern for him right now, but he's started putting a few out, and the school will be holding a career fair especially for its culinary students next week, I believe. We're looking forward to it. In the meantime, we're looking a little on our as well.

So, it's going to take some time to get us back on our feet, especially with the job situation the way it is, but I'm ready to move forward and work on it. And to get back to a full schedule of writing.

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Crazy Busy

I keep meaning to post here and keep getting distracted by other stuff. Even writing has fallen by the wayside of late because there's so much going on.

The good news is that A.C. v5 is done! I'm working on some changes I need to make, which will end up being v6, then it will go out to betas. The hope is that there won't need to be much done for v7, and I'll be able to start working up a query letter and the scary synopsis. If nothing else, I can say it's DONE and I actually FINISHED a novel.

Among the things keeping me busy:

» A freelance editing job. Took up 6 weeks, and then was aborted. I discussed the extensive story problems I had with the author, and he chose to put it on the back burner despite the fact that it had been accepted by a small press. It amazes me that people trust my judgment that why can't I apply it to my own work? ;)

» Buying a house. I can't believe how much WORK it is to buy a house. I knew it would be initially time consuming because you have to actually go look at houses. I didn't realize the time sink would continue all the way through until after the move...and we're not there yet. At this point, we're waiting for a check we need to help pay a few expenses and for a grant program to process our paperwork. After everything we've done, the hoops we've had to jump, I've told the husband I'm not doing it again unless we can buy outright. I think we've pretty much decided we're just going to stay put and never move again. lol

» Oldest's unemployment, which impacted the household finances in a big way even though she was out of work only for a couple of months. Of course, the house stuff has also turned the finances upside down, so it's been a bit of a mess.

» Getting the husband into culinary school. He starts in October! We're so excited for him! :)

» Dragon*Con this past weekend. I wimped out and only made it through half of Sunday—still have a lot of healing and strength building to do since the surgery.

This is all just the tip of what we've been dealing with. There's been changes in routines, eating habits, and all kinds of things going on. Most of it has been good, thank goodness, but there's been a few upsets.

Right now my biggest challenge is finding time to write in a day that's broken up into a dozen little pieces and often has other things going on that takes up what little pieces I have. Working on it, but it's definitely tough. About the only thing not suffering right now is Twitter, and that's just because it's so much easier to slap up a brief "here's what's going on" than to write a scene or chapter or blog post. Things should be less crazy once the house is finalized and we've moved.

Speaking of crazy busy, have another house related call to make and need to take oldest to work then go to the grocery store, so better get going.

But, yay! A.C. v5 is done!

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New Focus: Writing

I've made a major change in my life recently: I left my editing position to focus on my writing for the next few years. My son requires me to be home for at least the next 4, and the editing position was eating up all my time, so resigning and spending the time I'm required to be home on my writing instead made sense, especially since the money being earned really wasn't enough to do anything with and won't be enough to do anything with for a long time. I spent the latter half of the week before last clearing out of the company and sending them all my files. Last week was my first week as "only" a writer (and a mother).

It has gone very well, actually. I was having a great deal of trouble finding to revise A.C. when working for the press, and in the last week and a half I've sorted out chapter 32. Hopefully I'll work through the remaining 5 chapters more quickly now, get the fixes I need to make for the next round sorted out, v6 done up, and it out to beta readers by summer. The plan is to get it on the query-go-round before winter. I've already been threatened within an inch of my life if I don't even try. *g* I do have a few agents I want to query and one small press I think I would love to get into despite it being a small press. Have to admit, a lot of it comes from the name of the press, but they've treated another author I know very well.

In addition to that, I've started a new novel project. I'm pretty much doing it for fun—it's in a genre that I love to read but am unfamiliar writing, so it will be interesting how it goes. So far, the ideas I'm working with and the outline are being pretty well received by my writing group. I love this particular phase of writing, when the ideas are fresh and exciting and all you want to do is work on that one thing. But B.C. isn't my first priority and shouldn't be my first priority. It's just nice to have a non-Alden novel in the works.

So, the change has gone well so far. I'm actually getting through my writing goals rather than having the same goals over and over for weeks at a time. I've also managed to make some time for personal improvement, like exercise. And I'm enjoying being able to work on my writing without the nagging sense that others are waiting on something from me like edits or some other response. I know at some point there will be less energy and excitement, but I'm hoping to have my routine pretty much down enough by then that it will carry me through.

Okay, been avoiding my short story long enough, time to get to it.

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And Three Weeks Later

It's just been crazy of late, a lot of it good crazy, but crazy none the less. The editing job has become very busy. We're getting a new manuscript every day, and a lot of them are very good and so go on the to the reader panel (which I'm also supposed to be a part of), plus I've had a novella in edits that was just finalized. So that's kept me very busy. With my days so full of the job, it has been hard to find time to work on my own things, especially once the kids get home. Fortunately, that looks like it might be changing as early as next week. The tax return this year is really decent (the one advantage to almost no income last year) so I'll be picking up a "work" laptop, work meaning writing and editing. My desk top will remain my graphics/web work computer, and I'll probably be using it during the day before the kids are home from school, but once I have the laptop, I can extend my day and actually get more work done. At least that's the hope.

As for what I've managed over the last 3 weeks, chapter 30 is done, world building for Phoenix primarily (though there were some loose ends I finished up for A.C. as well), 2 shorts have been revised and one sent to my crit group while the other has been subbed—in fact a total of 7 stories have been submitted, and I've written 2 articles for the other editors that I lead. I've also had one weekend down because of problems with my DSL provider and have been fighting some kind of sick since the end of last week. Chapter 31 has been on my to do list, I just seem to keep having problems getting to it. Guess I should take care of that, huh?

I'm actually doing pretty good on all my goals for the year so far. Probably the worst category is finances, but that's to be expected. The return will help some with that as well, then we have to make the rest work. I've read 2 books so far this year, one while editing it, the other a published novel; my exercise has taken a different slant, but it is working even though most people wouldn't call it exercise (the fact that I see progress in my strength and stamina tells me it's working whether it's traditional exercise or not); my salt intake is way down, as is my PS2 playing (I've replaced it with reading); I'm averaging 5 days out of the week on feel good things; and I'm only 3k short of where I should be for my word count for the year. Hopefully I'll start getting ahead once I have the laptop.

So, in general, things are going good so far. Even with being sick right now, I don't have much to complain about. This winter has been relatively quiet health wise; the youngest hasn't even been hit once with her usual bouts of bronchitis which she usually gets 2 or 3 times through the winter. I do hate being sick, but hopefully it will continue to be a mild season for us and this will be the only time I need to complain about it. I just need to get a move on with A.C. Phoenix has been doing quite a bit of growing, but I'm finding it to be more my avoidance WIP at the moment, which is not necessarily a good thing, although it does help with that word count goal.

Speaking of which, I just finished doing some work on that tonight, and now I need to move on to A.C. Just need to push on through....

Or threaten myself with another short story. *g*

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I Need To Write

We writers all have different reasons for writing, but the one reason I think that puzzles non-writers the most is the need to write. They do not understand how writing can be a need. Even though I am a writer, that particular reason to write used to puzzle me as well. But not any more. I've discovered that I'm a writer who needs to write.

I've written all my life. I started with cheesy poetry as a kid, wrote a few kid short stories, tried my hand at lyrics (sucked), and went back to short stories around high school with an interest in writing a novel. Didn't have novel ideas at the time, but was definitely interested. Even after some dufus "pointed out" that everyone was writing the "great American Novel" and that anything I wrote would probably land in the circular file, I kept writing. To be sure, I stopped with the short stories and went back to poetry (it was safe) and eventually picked up gaming (which was safer) as outlets for my need to write, but I never stopped writing even when my goals for it changed because some idiot told me I couldn't cut it and I was too sensitive a kid to take that and use it to fire me up. I wrote until I started subbing, and even then, for the most part, I found ways to write.

However, the one time writing would fall out of my life was when I was long term subbing. Long term subbing takes up your entire life because you may be the sub, but you ARE the teacher, no matter how impermanent. You create lesson plan, hunt down or create materials, create tests, grade, go to meetings, and do everything that the regular teacher does. There's no time for life, much less writing when subbing long term. It's a hard job and I enjoyed it for about 3 years. My last long term position took all the joy out of the job for me, and I finally resigned from subbing at all. But whether I loved them or hated them, there was one thing all my long term positions had in common....

The lack of writing.

I had no time to write at all. I barely had time to read more than the textbooks at hand, the materials from meetings, and so on and so forth. Long term subbing was hard. But I'd had other sub positions that were longer than a day and shorter than a week, positions where I was expected to create/grade the homework and so on, and I never had the same downturn in emotions and attitude as I did when long terming for months. The biggest difference? No writing. For MONTHS. Not a few days, not a week or so -- months.

And I discovered what happens when I don't write fresh words for a long time: I become irritable and snappish, I lose interest in other things I enjoy, the PS2 gets more time than my creative well, and I end up being someone very different, someone unlikable and almost impossible to live with. Once I start writing, and I mean writing fresh words, new words, working on stories and creative projects that are new and untouched, all of the nastiness fades away. I come back to myself.

I haven't been writing for awhile. Oh, every now and then I pick up Phoenix, but I don't work on it consistently. My focus has been A.C. and critiques for my writing group, not new stuff. In fact, most of the stuff I've even looked at lately is stuff that needs revisions. I even set aside my short stories for a few months because I was tired of dealing with the market aspect of things. I never even thought that there might be another reason to write those shorts: to keep me sane while I worked on the novels. And lately there seems to be a change of mood that has no other real source, nothing I can point at and go "that's what's making me this way." That's how it always is for me when the not writing mood builds -- it seems to have no real source that I can point to for the reason.

So, tonight I'm going to set aside A.C. despite being behind, set aside the crit I started, even set aside Phoenix and work on a new short instead. And starting tonight, I'm going to try to make sure I get fresh words in at least every few days. I suspect it will not only help my moodiness, but that it just might help me become faster in my revisions and help with the restlessness and lack of motivation that's been plaguing me lately.

Some of us writers write because we NEED to write. Apparently I'm one of them and I better stop ignoring that fact.

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Progress? Not So Much

Yes, it's been a month since I last posted. No, the progress hasn't been so good of late. Seems I have a touch of SAD, plus some life stress stuff going on, and I'm struggling to make a schedule that works in the sense that I actually get things done, and all of this has interfered with just about everything. The one thing that is getting done is my editing work, but that's purely because it's for someone else...and there hasn't been that much coming in or to do of late.

For about 2 weeks, I did nothing but sleep -- the consistently overcast skies made me more and more down, more and more lethargic, until, somewhere near the end of those two weeks, there was no doubt about it: I was depressed. The sun finally came out for a few days and I was instantly better despite the fact that the other issues in real life were still issues. Since then the clouds have been in and out, and so has the lagging, dragging, put me to bed feeling. The biggest frustration is how this also affects my night time work -- I'm just too plain tired to want to do much of anything at any time.

I finished A.C. chapter 27 in a timely manner, then 28 took 2 weeks. Now I'm trying to slog through 29, but finding myself dragging on it as well. As a result, I'm so far behind on my novel challenge that I dropped it. I am still working on my crit challenge (a little behind, but I think it's still doable) and the world building challenge (also behind with a 4500 word count required for each of the next 2 weeks to make it, but I think I can do it). I've switched from A.C. world building to Phoenix world building for the challenge just to be sure to make my word counts. Besides, once the basics are down, I find it hard to world build too far ahead of where I'm at in the revisions. With the way revisions are going on A.C. now, it looks like it will come to about 130k, give or take, but I suspect cuts are coming in a few chapters towards the end, so we shall see how close that is.

I have another project starting to tug at me a bit, but it definitely needs some background work before I can start developing the plot and actual novel(s). I'm considering picking up a notebook and just fiddling around with it while I continue to work on A.C. and Phoenix -- nothing major: basic world development, character histories, working out some of the decisions I need to make before I can start writing. Those things will take awhile, so I doubt I'd start the actual writing until well after A.C. is off my plate, so to speak. Of course, then I have Quest to worry about, but hopefully it won't be nearly as difficult to put together.

I do have to say, A.C. has been quite a journey. Sometimes it's been as frustrating as hell, but I think I've learned quite a bit about writing in general and my process in particular. Even if it never gets published, that right there makes it a success. At least it will once I actually finish it. ;)

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My progress on A.C. and Phoenix has been slower than I would like it to be. Granted, a lot of that was the physical problems that literally slowed me down and forced me to bed. Without a laptop, doing any kind of writing was particularly hard. With my iron levels as low as they were, it isn't any surprise that all I wanted to do was sleep. So, I'm not kicking myself at being so far behind on either book, but I am disappointed in general. I was hoping to be finalizing v6 of A.C. by now and getting it off the beta readers. Instead, I'm still floundering my way through v4/5. And I had hoped to be working on v3 revisions of Phoenix by now, but I don't even have a rough draft done. Like I said, it couldn't be helped—being sick for 8 months took a lot of wind out of my sails, so to speak.

So the first thing I've done to help myself out is to readjust my goals for the two books for this year. I'd like to just get the v4/5 version done for A.C. And a rough draft for Phoenix would be nice, though I suspect that might be pushing it a bit. I may have to be content with just getting the building draft done plus a whole lot of world building.

Which brings up a point quite briefly: just because you're writing in the same world doesn't mean no more world building. In this case I need a whole bunch of different locations developed and I'm in a different time period than A.C. So, yea, a lot more world building on my end. The good news is that most of the basics are pretty set: magic, the gods, and so on, giving me a ready foundation for what I need to do for the other book.

Anyway, the second thing I'm doing to help get me going is to sign up for some challenges through my writing group. Now, admittedly, I do this every time they hold a challenge, but I decided to join into this one a bit differently than in the past: I've focused my challenge choices so they apply to these two novels, especially A.C. Now I do have a critique challenge in there, but the other two are novel revisions and world building specifically. Neither has a high goal at the moment, but I will push them higher if I can. I won't know if I can until I'm close to completing the ones I have: revise 7 chapters in 8 weeks and do 24k in world building. I had to resist adding other goals that could derail me by giving me too much to do—I need to keep my focus on the two novels at hand and what I need to finish for them.

The one down side is that I've cut my weekly word count goal for Phoenix itself, the reason being that I need the world building before I can go too much further into developing the book itself. That's part of what the building draft is all about: pulling together the information you need for descriptions and whatnot and putting all of it in the where it's needed. When you get to the rough draft stage later, it's just a matter of working the details in that you need where you need them and spreading them out a bit.

Trust me, it works, for me anyway.

My weekly and daily goals are now adjusted a little to make the challenge goals the priority. I'm actually not too worried about the world building stuff. Between the two books, if I can't come up with 24k, then I'm just being lazy. REALLY lazy. But the revisions do worry me. I'm in the last 11 chapters, yes, but I'm also in the chapters that are going to require the most change. Some are going to see drastic cuts. Others are just plain going to have to be rewritten. I suspect in the end I'll have 8 or 9 chapters instead of 11, but the chapter a week thing just may not happen with the amount of work that needs to be done to get there. But I guess that's kind of what challenges are all about: you reach for something you're not quite sure you can make and hope you actually do get there. If they were all easy, it wouldn't be a challenge, right?

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Busy, Busy Week

It's been crazy since I last posted here. Since the 20th of last month I've:

» Checked the edits on 3 novels for Lilley Press
» Checked 4 various versions of the ebooks about to be released
» Gone through 18 slush manuscripts, and read beginning to end at least 6 of them
» wrote up revision notes for yet another novel
» edited a novella (round 1!)
» had 2 doctor appointments, one which was canceled but only after we arrived
» revised a chapter and a half of A.C.
» revised a section of Stolen Priest
» posted 8 crits to my crit group (and am working on at least 2 more today)
» started some world building profiles
» did the Admin stuff for the writers group, including removing inactive members, updating forums, and writing the newsletter
» held an editor meeting for Lilley Press
» hired a new editor
» scored 3 or 4 editor tests (well, 6-8 since it's a 2 part testing process)
» spent an entire day at Carmax trying to get a "new" car (we ultimately prevailed but weren't home until after 11 PM)
» reviewed and made fixes to a website
» spent a day and a half trying to find out if one child will actually get to go to high school
» registered 2 kids for high school
» took the husband to the airport--will be picking him up on Tuesday
» helped find errors in a pdf file when InDesign tried to eat the imported manuscript
» did school related shopping
» celebrated a kid turning 16 with cake and a movie
» had an "I will have to quit if it's not fixed" crises at work--dealt with, I think
» pulled my Metawriting from an ezine after huge editor/author issues--and the edits of the last article took 2 days as well
» revised the 3 handbooks and a style sheet for Lilley
» fought and won against one sucky Canon printer
» been to the farmer's market and 2 other grocery stores at least twice each (we know where to shop for what for the best prices)
» helped the husband with his resume
» added an authors page to the Lilley site

All that and some sleep in there, off time because of stormy weather, and family time.

Is it any wonder I haven't been around lately? I am working on A.C. as best I can during all this. With the release date coming and more subs coming in, it's been very busy at the job. I've hired editors to help with that, and may possibly be hiring one more just because I think we'd be REALLY lucky to have her.

Today is sort of a catch all day. I'm doing crits and updates all over the place. We'll see if I actually finish any revisions or manage to get back to any of my ignored writing. It'll be an all nighter, so there's a chance, but I'm also likely to be so tired I won't make any sense.

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Life Takes Over

So, at the beginning of this month, I said my writing was stalled. Turns out it was a lot more than a stall and a lot more serious than we realized. I ended up having an emergency, minor surgery about a week ago. It wasn't really a big deal, but it did need to be done, and I've felt immensely better since. My energy levels are rising, my concentration is better, and, most importantly, the physical issues that were interfering with my life and my writing seem to have been taken care of. The problem now is getting back into the routine of things after being out of it for so long.

Getting back into my editing job hasn't been so hard. I suspect it goes back to being responsible to someone else and on an external deadline. Being behind by about 2 weeks has also eaten into the time I have to do my own writing. I usually reserve Fridays for my own work, but with the amount of work that needs to get done and soon, I've dropped that until I'm caught up. As for during the week, I spend the mornings working and the afternoons resting because I'm still recovering and want to make sure I get healthy as soon as possible. I want to work on my own stuff, I'm just too tired to.

I have done some tinkering with A.C., but not much. A.C. is my first priority, though, so hopefully as I get stronger, I'll get back into it and move along as well as I was before all this health stuff interfered. It's just nice to know the "stall" wasn't me being lazy, that there was a solution. The constant drag is gone. Now all I need to do is start building up some of those reserves I lost over the past few months.

It's scary how your physical state can have such a devastating affect on your writing.

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There's been a lot going on—mostly health issues, but a few other things a well—and now A.C. and Phoenix are stalled. Hopefully not for much longer, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting back with it. It's like I didn't fall off the cart but got tossed off instead, and no one noticed I was missing so the cart kept going.

And this is going to be another place where I have problems if I ever become pro: how do you write when you're sick and stressed, and how do you get yourself back on track when you can barely get out of bed?

Don't get me wrong: I needed the week off I just took. I wasn't getting enough sleep. I could barely sit up most of the time. I'd not only not make coherent sense if I even tried to write or revise, I wouldn't be doing my body any favors either. When you're that sick, you take the break and just accept it.

But when you're done being that sick, you've got to get back on your feet, and I'm not doing so well at that. I'm picking at A.C. revisions, yes, and most of that needs to be done off the comp (I revise by hand; revising by comp doesn't work for me), but picking is the operative word here. I'm definitely not doing as much as I should be. I can't even seem to convince myself to do the world building I really, really need to get done for both novels.

I am managing to get back on track with my editing work, but my own writing? I just can't seem to find the motivation to get with it. And it's driving me crazy that my own motivation, or lack thereof, is what could be my downfall as a writer.

We've got more upheaval coming this month, but, somehow, I've got to find a way to work through it.

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Yes, It's Been Awhile

I've actually had an amazing amount of personal stuff get in the way of my usual activities, some of it health related, some of it family related, and a whole lot of it disruptive. Things appear to be settling now, for the most part, and I've made a few changes to make my days easier for me. Not sure they will get me on this blog more than usual, but they are already helping with the writing aspect of things. Now we just need the weather to be cooperative...which is not likely to happen consistently any time soon. We need the water, don't get me wrong, so the rain is welcome. The tornadoes and lightning, however, really aren't as necessary as they seem to think they are. ;)

Of course, the biggest concern has been my health. I had to go back on my iron to combat anemia, and finally gave in and went to the doctor when the last 2 weeks proved to be far more difficult than they should have been. He's put me on medication as a stop gap measure (which is already working) and is having testing done to see what we can do to keep the issue under control in the future. A lot of this has to do with my weight, and a lot of it has to do with my age. I was taking tiny steps towards a healthier me when the newest wrinkle showed up. With the temporary measures already having a dramatic affect for the better, I'm already trying to get back into some of the habits that were helping me before. I may hold off on exercise for a bit, though, just to allow things to stabilize before I go adding something back into the mix.

One of the biggest changes I've made is to my schedule. I'm not sure why, but months after leaving my substitute teaching job, I was still on the working girl schedule: up early, awake all day, to bed around midnight. For most people, this works...except maybe the midnight thing. For ME, this is a nightmare. I hate mornings (I like to say I'm allergic to them) and have always done better with a night time schedule--meaning to bed at 3 AM (or later) and up at 10 or 11 AM. I don't even start to feel creative energy until 1 AM or later, so being in bed at midnight robs me of my most creative time. After talking with the husband about this, it was agreed that I should try to go back to my own schedule, with a small change: I still have to get up to get the kids off to school. I just go back to bed once they are on their buses and sleep until 11 or noon. The old work schedule rears its ugly head still, so the shift over is proving a bit more difficult than I thought it would be, but, as I said earlier, the positive results are already being seen. I've been working A LOT faster on A.C. than I was before starting to switch over. Nothing beats working within your own creative cycle.

The editing job has also gone through some changes. Our acquisitions editor resigned for personal reasons that had nothing to do with her love for us. She just didn't feel it was the right fit for her. As a result, my position as senior editor is now merged with acquisitions, and I've had to do some shuffling around with my responsibilities to get everything to fit. Fortunately, it's still quiet for us. It may not stay that way once we have our August launch and release. I'm looking forward to it, but we also still have a lot to do to get 3 of our 4 books ready on time (the 4th may or may not be ready, and we're okay with that).

In other news, my essay "When Tears Fall" has been reprinted in Voices of Autism, an autism anthology. I am VERY excited about this antho. It's already received at least one wonderful review:

The fifth entry in the Voices anthology project from the Healing Project, this work includes over 40 different stories and vignettes written by parents, teachers, and people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) that showcase how families and caregivers measure perseverance, understanding, and success. Many of the selections stand out, including an author’s account of her autistic son, a seventh grader’s perspective on her two siblings with autism, a memoir by an adult with autism who relied on a tire advertisement to get through tough times, and an account of the challenges of dating an adult with Asperger’s. The book’s real strengths are the adult-penned passages, which will give readers a better sense of what autism truly is. Taken individually, the stories show glimpses of the impact that autism has on individuals and those they love. Taken collectively, they paint a rich landscape that many will find familiar. Highly recommended for public libraries and academic libraries with disability collections.

-- ­Corey Seeman, Kresge Business Administration Library, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I hope you will consider picking up a copy. Autism is probably one of the least understood but most prevalent disabilities in the world today. 1 out of 166 people are diagnosed with autism, and it affects everyone in the autistic's life. Probably the most frightening part of the disability is that those who have it look normal. It's not like so many disabilities where you can tell there's something different just by the person's appearance. When you combine this with the lack of knowledge about it, the result can be devastating for the family. I've been a target of the blame game, of being told I should get another opinion because it's probably not autism, of having to fight for everything that my son is supposed to get by law. The only thing that will help is education. The essays and stories in this book come from our personal experiences as family members of autistics and from those with autism. Nothing could inform better.

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A Few Quiet Weeks

Between personal stress at home, work, weather, and a few other things, not much work has been done on my own writing recently (note previous entry). However, I have finally reached the current halfway mark in Assassin's Choice in terms of chapter numbers. I may be past that in actual word count because there's a huge chunk towards the end of the book that may get cut. Phoenix Rising also got a nice, healthy word count addition this week--I now have a Friday buddy that I meet with to work on "alternate" projects. Hopefully meeting with her every week will help keep me on track with it.

In publication news, two of my short stories are now available on "In the Blood" and "Intended". One of them even received positive comments from the site editor. I need to update the site to reflect that, I suppose. ;)

There's little else to post about really. I'm ruminating a new Meta and considering writing a new article on critiquing (yea, like we all need another one--but this one comes from something I realized about the crits I receive and how I react to them). I'm still working on a short, and, yes, it's very odd for me to plod my way through a first draft of a short like this. I just finished a S. L. Veihl book and have one other novel and an omnibus lined up for me to read. For work, one manuscript has been returned to the author for round 2 edits, and the second manuscript is about done with round 1.

I did start trying out a new hard copy method for tracking my submissions. It's going to take a bit to get all the old stuff in the columnar book...and I may end up having to do it all over again because I'm not so sure I like it. I like the idea of a book and the information I'm trying to keep (in general), but the book is a bit...big. I'm thinking of making my own template then having it copied and bound at Staples. We'll see.

And...that's about it. Told you it's been quiet.

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Writing Through Stress

Despite the title, writing through stress isn't something I do well. When stressed, I tend to veg out and watch TV...anything on TV (well, almost anything—you couldn't pay me to watch Flavor of Love...actually, pay enough and maybe—we could use the money), or play on the PlayStation. There's just something about killing bad guys on the PS that even non-violent me can get into. But it also sucks up my brain and my time. So after editing for the day, I take my chapter down to the living room (where I keep an eye on my son after school) with good intentions, and yet I never follow through. I end up playing instead (especially now that the cable is out...DVDs? what are those?) And it usually doesn't help with the stress/depression.

Which really has me wondering how well I'll do when I actually have a novel out and another that should be on the way., but that's probably for another entry/discussion since there's a whole lot more that plays into that concern than the stress factor.

The last week and a half have been very stressful. Most of that should be alleviated tomorrow, but it still means almost no work this past week. I did manage a decent bit this past weekend, but that was early enough in the situation that it wasn't as bad as this week. This week has made it clear to me that I need to find a way to keep working despite the stress. I'm already 5 chapters behind schedule on A.C. It might be my own schedule, but I imposed it to try to learn to meet deadlines, which I'm so not doing right now. I met 99.9% of my deadlines in college, but that's a whole different kind of writing (although, some of my ECS projects were totally killer)—it wasn't nearly as hard as novel writing. And not nearly as time consuming.

Regardless, I've got to find a way to keep working despite the downs of life. I suppose the first thing is to resist the PlayStation (oddly enough, I can write/revise when the TV is on—it provides a way for me to handle the ADHD but doesn't seem to take over unless I'm too stressed and tired and can't find the energy/motivation to do more than just lay there and stare). I'd take today and toss in a season of Stargate SG-1 or a movie or something, but I have editing to do. My overly developed sense of responsibility won't allow me to let other people down if I can help it. I've got deadlines coming up and authors waiting on me to get their work published.

Maybe that's a clue for writing through the stress and making deadlines (especially if the novel ever gets submitted/accepted): somehow seeing it as my responsibility to others—the agent, the editor, the publisher, someone—and using that to stay on target. Right now, the only person I'm responsible to is me. For me, not meeting the deadline just means another delay in starting the query process, and that's just not enough to kick me in my arse and get me back on track. It should be, but it's not. There's no money riding on me finishing on time, no one else I'm responsible to for it, not even a grade involved. It's quite possible that having a contract will change the whole deadline process for me because then something WILL be riding on finishing on time.

Definitely something to think about.

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Trying To Find The Track

I'm trying to get back on track here, but it's proving to be slower going than I imagined. I still have the cough from being sick, though I suspect that, for the first time in almost 4 years, some of the issue is my asthma flaring.up. It's weird having to deal with that again after so long without it. There's also a little congestion left and the two are waking me up intermittently through the night. The lack of uninterrupted sleep isn't helping any, either.

One of the biggest things I'm having trouble with is working on my own stuff during the week. The only thing I can think of as being a hindrance is that I do editing all day. So, when ti comes time to work on my own writing, I'm about writing-ed out. I've already processed a couple of thousand words. A couple thousand more, even if it's my own, just overwhelms the brain. I'll have to work on that, obviously, in the meantime, it looks like it was a very good idea to make Friday a part of my writing weekend. Even though I'm not getting much done during the week, I do seem to be fairly productive on weekends (over 7k this past Saturday and Sunday alone). I just know I could get more done if I would just take advantage of my evenings.

Motivation. It's such a fickle thing.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to work on this little problem in the near future, however. Because of being sick, I'm behind in my editing work, so I've had to drop the hour I reserve at the end of my work day (before my son gets home) for my own writing—I need to use that time to get a little more done on the manuscripts in my care. I'm also stepping in for the Acquisitions Editor who needed some personal time, and had to adjust my daily schedule as a result. So, right now, work is very busy, which makes me even less inclined to work on my own writing in the evenings.

I'm about 25k behind on my word count goal and 4 chapters behind with A.C. I still have world building I really need to get done for A.C. (and my other Alden novels in general), and I've picked up Novel Plot Building as an in progress project again. I really need to find a way to get past this block I have on doing my own writing in the evenings. I'm participating in a writing challenge to hit my problem areas, but that won't do any good if I don't find a way to get past my own blocks.

It's sad. I rarely suffer writers block, but I do have large amounts of motivation block. All these ideas and projects, and I just can't seem to push myself to get them done.

Have to find a way.

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I Didn't Forget You

I've just been sick. Really, REALLY sick. It's definitely been a week to forget--everyone in the house caught it, including the husband who kept trying to act like he had nothing. It kicked his butt too. As for me, I slept. A LOT. A good 3 days of sleep. And didn't eat much. And didn't write at all. Or work, for that matter.

I'm pretty much behind on everything at the moment. I'm even 30k behind in my word count goal for the year. All I can do now is hope the rest of the year gets better from here, really. Most of this week will focus on catching up with work and taking care of things on that end. I'm still getting pretty tired after being up for a few hours, though, so catching up may not be the operative word yet. I don't want to push myself too hard and end up relapsing with this stuff--it was bad enough the first time around. I have goals for the week, it's just slow and steady is going to be the mantra. If I don't make the goals, so be it.

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Not A Writing Week

I spent most of last week fighting sinus crud and generally being sick. By Wednesday, I gave up, crawled in bed, and pretty much stayed there. By Friday, I was feeling better, but I decided to keep taking it easy--I've been fighting a lot of ickiness since I stopped subbing. My kids haven't been sick, so I'm not sure where it's coming from. Rather than rush back to work and risk another relapse, I just stayed in bed.

I did manage to get back online and in working order, though. That took all of the weekend, but its done.

Now my plan is to focus on getting A.C. back on track. Have other stuff in the works as well, but A.C. is the priority.

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(Not) Writing For The Holidays

I'm having real trouble getting motivated to do my personal writing related stuff. My big focus the past few months have been A.C. and Phoenix Rising (also known as Phoenix 1 since there are a total of 5 Phoenix books planned), but even being 8 chapters behind in my revisions doesn't have me motivated enough to work on them. With these 2 books bogged down, so are my shorts and other work.

A lot of it has to do with how much I try to get done in a day. There's the "day job", the DII administrative stuff, the home stuff, and so on and so forth. Somehow writing has been pushed down the line until...until I don't get it done. With the holidays preparing to take over, it's only going to get worse. For example, this week starts the baking blitz I do every year. The early cookies will go out as gifts, the cookies made closer towards the weekend will get put in containers until Christmas. (Maybe. The family tends to attack the cookies making more baking necessary right before the holiday--also making it a good thing we don't do much on Christmas eve.) As much as I love it, it's also one more thing to take up time that could be spent writing.

Which is not to say I'll give up cookie-baking this year. Or any year. We must have our cookies. ;)

There are a lot of writers who tell me they have trouble finding time to write. My response is generally the same: you have to make time to write. And, really, I do, I just don't do the writing. I also don't believe in waiting for the muse to strike (and I'd link to a post about that, but it'll change once I get the motivation to make fixes...which I've also not been at all motivated to get to). And yet, here I sit, dragging my butt and not doing what I need to do. It really does make me despair of being able to handle deadlines.

I do think that the changes over the last few months are part of the problem, the upcoming holidays are part of the problem, and so on. There's just been so much going on--a change in work, a change in focus, people moving in and out again, and so on. It's fracturing my attention. Maybe it will get better after the holidays, but I still think I need to find a way to write through them.

And if anyone's got any suggestions, I'll take them.

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