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Jan 17, 2017:

Big Changes

As has been most this past year, it's been a busy few months, but some major changes are going to allow me to change my focus in the future. It's all good, but requires me to come up with a routine for my day that works. I'm very excited about it all though. :)

The best news right now is that I'm no longer subbing. A lot of reasons went into it, including a boss change for my husband, which also means a schedule change. The new boss expects people to be in to work at 7 A.M. and they generally don't leave until 3 or 3:30 p.m. Our son's bus picks him up at 9 and drops him off at 4, and my husband's new schedule prevents him from being home for the boy at either time. At the same time, the latest I can be in a classroom as a sub is about 8:30. My husband's job makes more money, so I resigned my subbing position. And happily so. The one thing subbing showed me is that I'm not nearly as suited to being a teacher as I once was. If I had started when I was younger, it might be different now; but a lot has changed about me since my days in college, and my patience with snarky kids appears to be one of the changes.

This does not mean I'm not working, though. I've resigned my editor position with one small press to accept the Senior Editing position for Lilley Press, a new, Canadian, small press. I read slush (guidelines, guys, guidelines! Yeesh!), hire editors, assign accepted manuscripts to editors, and do some editing myself. Our first publications should come out in ebook format early in 2008. First hard copies, depending on how well the ebooks do, should come out in 2009. That's the hope anyway. I'm very excited about it, but the slush alone is going to keep me very busy.

I'm about 8 chapters behind in my A.C. revisions, but they are getting done and reactions from people who have seen the new v5 have been good. A new Alden novel, Phoenix Rising, is in the notes draft stage. I need to work on world building for both as well. As usual, my shorts are getting the least attention, but I'm okay with that. Some of my newer stuff is on the dark end of things--rather pessimistic in their view of humanity. It's an interesting change in my writing, but one i hope isn't permanent. ;)

As for other projects, is still a mess, but on my list to tackle early in the year. Most of my other web related work is on target. The house things I've been trying to tackle will take time since they need some financial investment and we don't have enough for that right now. I am working on healthier living--a journey you can read in my new journal, It's About Time. I'm mostly working on the routine and adding exercise into my day. I'm not really working on food changes, but I am watching my food and will eventually make changes that are healthier. Become unhealthy is easy; turning it around is a step-by-step thing that takes time.

The plan is to write in Journeys at least once a week now. My old writing journal is unlikely to become active again since to pull it together means re-posting 100s of entries. I'll probably leave what's done as it is, but I can't easily create new entries for it. It was probably about time, though. My LJ has become home to most of my word count and other writer related posts, and Journeys is home to writing and whatever is left. Sometimes, you just have to accept the changes and move on.

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