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Jan 17, 2017:

Current Projects

I do tend to work on more at once than I should. In the past this has been particularly true of my novels. The problem has been that I'ma slow writer -- if I work only on one thing at a time, it would still take a long time for anything to be done, and that can be very frustrating. Nothing done feels like nothing accomplished. The fact that something is accomplished doesn't change how it feels. Then there are the issues with the ADHD. I'm easily distracted, have problems with finishing, and get bored quickly. Meds help, but they don't remove the symptoms. They do help with management, however.

Over the last few years, I've developed a management system that takes all this into account. It's been generally working pretty well for me. I work on one new Alden novel at all times. This is because I have more planned for Alden than any other series. But the writing for Alden is even slower than other writing, so I also work on one non-Alden novel. This second novel is my "weekend novel" -- it gives me a break from the harder to write Alden work without taking over my writing time. Shorts and poetry tend to go faster, but aren't as important to me as my novels, so I work on those on a more haphazard, as can bases.

My current works in progress . . .

Novels In Progress/Revision:
Assassin's Choice - In Revisions
Under A Blood Moon
Stolen Priest (novelette) - In Revision

Assassin's Choice :: The novel I developed my novel plotting process with and the novel I've worked on the longest (because it took me 15 years to realize I can't write in an organic manner. Currently in process: revisions 4 & 5.

Chosen :: This is the first book in the series that actually started it all. I set it aside because I wanted to make sure I had the writing style for Alden down before I wrote it. Now i'm working on the building and rough drafts, which will be set aside and revised at some other time. Currently in process: the outline.

Under A Blood Moon :: The first Randi Kayde novel, inspired by another book (in the sense of "I can do better than this!"). This is my first attempt at anything in the Crime/Mystery genre (with a fantasy foundation, of course). Currently in process: the outline.

Stolen Priest :: I gave in to "fan" pressure and wrote thise novella for a favorite character in assassin's Choice -- Dimas. Currently in process: revision 3.

Shorts In Progress/Revision:
"Ravani's Dance"
"Gift of Writing"
"Rebuilding After Rejection" *
"He's not Broken"
"Where the Power Lies" ^
"The Lies of Power" ^
"Fallen Kingdoms" ^
"Sayia's Price" ^
"Birth of the Phoenix" ^

^ = for an Alden anthology; * = published

Poetry Pile:
"Too Much"
"For the Children"
"She's Grown"
"Worked Out"
"A Political Statement"
"Soured Meat"
"My Season"

Poetry tends to sit the longest. It's also unusual for me to have so much at once as I'm not a big poet. In all honesty, novels seem to be my natural length. Shorts actually were quite a struggle to learn, but I did eventually get them down to some degree. Every now and then I still get a critique that says something to the order of, "this should be a novel." I generally resist the temptation. I have too many novels planned as it is.

In Progress, Novels, Short Stories

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