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Jan 17, 2017:
And so I write . . .

I began writing around the age of 10 or so, starting with poetry and moving on to short stories by high school. In my mid-teens I actually tried song lyrics, but I never really did much with them and the experiment lasted less than 6 months. I entered college right after high school and my writing became a victim of a busy life and an extremely low self-confidence, even after I left junior college. While it was never completely out of my life, it did not enjoy the same dedication that I had given it before entering college.

A year after I graduated high school I was introduced to AD&D and role playing In general. I found it fascinating and continue to play even to this day. Within 3 years I was experimenting with being the game master, which required both creativity and writing skills. Gaming has taught me things like character development, detail and description, world building, and story telling.

When I finally returned to college, 10 years after leaving, I first attained an A.A. in Early Childhood Studies, then went into the 4 year university as a creative writing major. I enjoyed my writing classes, but didn't really totally rediscover my love for story telling (other than as a game mistress) until I took an 18 month leave of absence for health reasons. At the time I was trying to build a web design business, but it was my writing that seemed to captivate my friends. I opened Visions of Mind, a personal ezine for my stories. Its following was small, but faithful until I closed it down the following year. I was ready to take my writing beyond a personal hobby and into the realm of a professional writer. I also joined the Del Rey SFF Online Workshop and seemed well received overall.

By the time I returned to the university, I had finally decided to take my writing seriously. This decision was confirmed when my writing instructor offered, without prompting, to write a referral letter for me should I decide to enter a masters program. I received a B.A. in English/Creative Writing from California State University San Bernardino, graduating with honors (a GPA of 3.5 or higher) in the fall of 2003.

I write primarily fantasy, mostly in my game world of Alden. But I am also dabbling in fantasy/science fiction combinations, sometimes with a touch of horror added, and have started a new experiment in a mix of fiction with nonfiction in the women's writing genre, as well as soft SF, mainstream, and a few other genres. Poetry has become a form I seldom indulge in, and only when so utterly depressed that it is the only way I can find to express myself.

Beyond the writing . . .

I was born October 5, 1963 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and moved to northern California before I was 6 months old. By the time I turned 22, I had moved almost 50 times. Fortunately, I have firmly settled in southern California even if there was some uncertainty about where in southern California. Along the way, even my name has undergone changes, from Denise to Denyse, and now I only answer to the name domynoe, with only a few exceptions.

I married at the age of 21 and had my first child the following year. However, the plan to be primarily a wife and mother was disrupted when my first husband and I divorced. Thrown into the role of provider for my children, I returned to college after a ten year absence and received an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Studies. I also met my second husband there, a man I married on December 31, 1997, nine months after we met.

I have 4 children from my first marriage (ranging in age from 8 to 16 years old), three girls and one multi-differently abled boy, and I am happily married to my beloved Saxykam. We live in southern California with a dog and two cats. We'd like to own an owl someday, but that wouldn't quite work in our current housing situation. I stay home, writing while caring for my son.

We are a family of different challenges: my son is autistic, developmentally delayed and ADHD; my youngest is gifted but with ADHD; and I was recently diagnosed with ADHD myself. Both my remaining girls are also gifted. My husband has a learning disability which makes it difficult for him to learn via lectures. I am also severely anemic, a problem that frequently interferes with both my health and my ability to learn. However, we are also overcoming our challenges to varying degrees.

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