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Nov. 14, 2014:

Then There Are Weeks Like This...

I got off on the right foot this week: checked submissions, logged a few non-responses, subbed Charms at a couple of small presses, managed a revision of an Assassin's chapter, even realized that I needed a better way of tracking where I'm at on current projects and setting that up. But last week's crap wasn't done, and we're still dealing with sick cats, and I'm now frantically playing catch up on a few bills that were shorted in order to take care of the sick cats. And if there's one thing I've not learned how to work around when it comes to my writing, it's home life stress. Especially home life stress that needs my attention. So what started off as getting on the right track devolved into brain mush and being lucky if I could focus and comprehend a TV show.

And I have no idea what the solution is to be able to get through weeks like this and still get work done. And I know I need to find one. Small presses are more flexible, it's true, but if I ever get published by a one of the big guys (and, yes, that's still a dream for me), I need to be able to make deadlines, especially since I'm already a slow writer as it is (need to work on that too).

So this is my short and sweet update: life has exploded and I'm working on it. The things wrecking havoc on us over these last two weeks aren't dealt with 100%, so this next week is looking as bad as the last one. This next week, however, I plan to reclaim my yoga time before long as the weather isn't so bad I'd freeze to death in the process. :P

I nudged the one small press that already had Charms (turns out they didn't, so then I resubbed) and went hunting for new ones to send it to. Lordy, is it difficult to find decent small presses. And you really need to vet them because even the "good" ones can implode unexpectedly (there have been two or three of those implosions in rather dramatic fashion over the last couple of years). So first I check the submission guidelines and make sure they take my genre. There are a lot of fantasy presses out there, but many of them are very specific fantasy (romantic fantasy or middle grade fantasy, for example, neither of which I write). Then I check the Absolute Write Water Cooler for recent news on said press before exploring the press's site further. I think 90% of the presses I check out fail. Over 3 days of searching, I managed to find 3 places I felt comfortable submitting to. I'm going to leave it at that for now.

This next week, I'm hoping to focus on getting my shorts back out there. Still not pressuring myself about it, but got to keep them in circulation as well. And one of my reprints just became available again.

The tough thing about the writing itself right now is that all the projects are pretty much in revisions, which means no new words. It tends to be new words that get me energized as a writer. It's tougher in revisions for a lot of reasons, including being harder to break off and come back to a chapter later. But if I wait until I have the time I think I'll need to get a chapter done, my brain is usually done by then, even if all I've managed is exercise, housework, and making dinner. Some of it is the ADHD, some of it is just "needing a break/rest." And lately, because of needing to get things done in the house and taking care of my boy, I've been going to bed about the time my usual second wind and most creative time hits.

There's a lot of balancing I need to figure out to get past this. I'm doing better in some ways than last year: I'm finding my "spaces" again for some things. Hopefully before the end of this year, I'll have this sorted out as well. That will go a long way to getting through weeks like this and still getting the writing done.

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