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Nov. 14, 2014:

Time For A Kick

In case it was a secret, last year pretty much sucked. No acceptances—short or long, no publications, two books that stalled out. And that's just the writing stuff. The good news is that the non-writing stuff wasn't so bad that we fell back into our hole. Towards the end of the year, it got tight, but we managed.

Still, with the track record for last year, it's probably no surprise that my focus so far this year has been just the writing. I haven't checked on subs, haven't submitted Charms to another small press. Some of this is time related, some of it is...last year. Last year made me tired. It didn't keep me from writing (though it did make the writing harder), but I've not been eager to dive back into the market-go-round. The constant push got exhausting. And it's great tat a number of agents were impressed with Charms, but that doesn't help much if they aren't impressed enough to take it on. And knowing that that's just how it is and you have to persevere anyway, yea, that doesn't help either.

But there is a point where, if you want to be a published author, you have to get back up and do what you need to do.

I sort of started in the right direction by picking out my projects to work on and making plans for the two novels that are done, but I've not really gotten back to work. I'm writing and making plans for the new projects, but that's just dipping the toes in. It's the relatively easy part.

So, next month, I give myself a kick and dive back in. I've got to let go of last year and move on. I've made different plans for Assassin's, but Charms is heading off to a few more small presses. And I'm going to go through my shorts, figure out where they are (if anywhere), and either ping the market or submit them elsewhere.

Really hoping this year is better than last year, but the only way that can happen is if I get back to it. So here I am. Getting back to it.

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