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January 30, 2014

Changing Coarse

Every now and then in life, we make a decision, then as new information comes to light, we have to reevaluate and maybe even reverse coarse. The same happens in publishing. I've had anthologies canceled in recent years (one in particular upset me because it took so long to find that story a home), a short story pulled when the editor and I didn't see eye to eye on his edits (and he apparently forgot that he'd agreed to run edits by me first), I've even withdrawn pieces here and there for various reasons. One things about the process: it may be full of exciting things, but you have to be comfortable with those things. You have to listen to the voice that tells you something isn't quite right and be prepared to step back.

And that's what's happened with Assassin's Choice. And the Drakkina Press co-op. The more we looked at what we needed to do, the more we realized we weren't prepared and didn't have the resources to do it right. We lined up a member editor, had then lost a member artist (not realizing at the time there needed to be TWO covers), figured out our printer, then ran into a snag with ebooks. When we lost the artist, we ran into pricing problems for other artists int he sense that neither of us had the funds to cover an outside artist. And the more we looked into the things we needed to do not just to get the books out there, but to do it "right" and to make sure we had a quality product, the more we realized we didn't have the resources to make the co-op work. In the end, we decided it just isn't the time for us to do this thing, as much as we would like to.

So, Assassin's is back on the submissions-go-round. I found a few agents I haven't queried yet, and it's off tot hem. I have a new small press list to start submitting to if those come back with rejections. I'm not ready to trunk this book. Or the rest of the series. If I'm on better financial footing in a few years, and it still hasn't found a decent home, I may look at self-pubbing it again (making sure to give myself plenty of lead time to learn the things I need to learn to do it well).

I'm still working on Quest. Sort of. The last few weeks have been oddly...unwriterly. It's been hard to get myself focused on the writing. ANY writing. Not sure why. I've had tailspins before when routines change, but nothing quite this bad. It's been liking pushing through sludge for everything the last few months. And I mean everything. I know it will eventually turn around; I'm just hoping it's soon. Before summer soon would be nice. Regardless, this si when the "practice" comes in: I've been writing nearly every day for a long time, building up habits in preparation for having a contract and a time limit to get the work done. If this kind of thing can happen without a contract in play, it sure can happen with a contract in play. I've got to be able to get past it and keep writing. While I have more freedom as a writer now, I also need to make I'm preparing for life as an author with deadlines.

Changing coarse doesn't mean giving up on the dream. Just means I have to keep working on it. Keep writing, working on new stuff when old stuff isn't making headway (without giving up on the old stuff completely), keep submitting and querying. This is what authors do.

This is what I do.

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