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Nov. 14, 2014:

When A Vacation Isn't A Vacation

My recent disappearance wasn't deliberate. My laptop started dying towards the end of last year, and the husband and I agreed to spend a chunk of the tax return on a new one (I am so fortunate to have a husband who supports my writing even though it's not a money maker yet). We filed in January. My middle daughter filed after we did and received her return before we heard anything. Then we got a letter: we'd been randomly chosen for review. In addition to a number of other things that this screwed us on (our cats got sick and we even lost one, for example), we had to hope the laptop would make it until the return came in.

It didn't. It tanked March 25th.

The return finally came in last week, I ordered the new laptop, and I've spent the last couple of days getting it set up.

In the meantime, I couldn't even write. I had all my files in Dropbox and was able to download them to my phone, but any actual writing had to be done by hand. Apparently I can't write that way anymore. I tried, but my process just doesn't work that way. And the tiny screen on the phone made perusing the internet difficult for me. So I ended up with a month of not writing and sans the internets.

It drove. Me. Cray cray. Not being able to socialize with my friends online was bad enough (and no, I don't get out of the house much, so that's pretty much my socialization), not being able to write? I was out of my mind. Add in the weather that was triggering headaches and my SAD, and, yea, this was no fun. It was no fun that progressively got less fun as the time went on. I have enough trouble taking time off from some of my online activities for a week. A month was torture. And when I take time off for a week, at least then I can usually write.

I turn into one really cranky dragon when I can't write. I think I was getting close to being someone no one could live with towards the end there.

Let's put it this way: I hate revising. Tonight I revised a chapter and felt relief.

Glad to be back.

And considering picking up a second machine next tax time just in case....

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