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Nov. 14, 2014:

Melt Downs & More

It's been awhile. The laptop melted down then there were site access issues. Even with access to, I couldn't seem to get the motivation to update here. Having two sites inaccessible made it easy to ignore all of them and focus on loads of other things that needed my attention. Now that access has been restored, I'm working on getting back on track all over the place.

I had almost a month of no writing because trying to write or edit on the phone? Yea, no. For one, my phone's keyboard is slightly off, so just getting the right words is a challenge. Can't flip through pages as easily, so editing is a nightmare. So, yea, no. By the time the new laptop arrived, I was going just a bit crazy. I always do when I can't write.

Since the arrival of the new lappy, I've been struggling a bit with the schedule. You'd think I'd have that down by now, but, yea, again, no. It's getting a little better, and I know what's up with why I seem to have less time than I used to (I didn't use to exercise or do housework, and those both suck a significant amount of time out of my day; on the other hand, all the browsing around and Tumblring and that? That's all on me).

And I've had to re-evaluate my projects, dump a few, go back to work on a few, and so on. I don't know why I have to keep reminding myself that 3 projects at once is stretching it, more than 3 is too much.

So, the current books in progress...

Crown of Tirs :: second in The Shunned series. With Charms making the rounds of small presses and getting full requests, and Tirs needing ground up rebuilding, it seemed a good idea to make this book a priority. This book is in the earliest phases of my building process.

Chosen :: this is my "for fun" book at the moment. It's the book I've put off until I felt "good enough" to write it. Translation: until I've managed to actually FINISH a book and figure out what works for me as a writer. With two under my belt, it was time, and the book is now in the early drafting stage. However, this book led to a revamp of another book...

Assassin's Choice :: The language needs to be reworked and brought "down" a little. It worked well for an epic high fantasy, but Chosen has characters in it that don't quite fit that particular concept. Plus I have at least one scene that needs a total rewrite. So this one is in revisions, but it is the lowest priority among the books since it'll more likely end up being self-published.

And that's pretty much where I'm at with my projects. There are two others that were started but are now currently on the back burner.

Got to say, the one thing I like about not being published yet is the freedom to work on whatever. I still want to be published, but it's just nice to be able to putter around a bit, especially when life goes a bit crazy. Or when you lose your routine and have to get back to it again.

Thankfully, things seem to be settling back to normal again. Words are happening, and I am again reminding myself "words first".

I do have updates I need to make to Alden and intend to get to them soonish. One of those things will not be a new layout. As much as the site probably needs a new look, it's just not in the cards this year.

I will also be at Dragon Con this year. I'm not an official guest, seeing as being unpublished tends to disqualify me for that particular honor (and running an online workshop for a dozen years doesn't balance that particular problem out), but I'm just glad to be going since it was looking like this was going to be one of those "we can't afford it" years. This year will also be the first year for my son. He's only going for one day, but it should be fun to see how he reacts.

And that's about it, I think. Not as much baking going on right now, the weight loss is still at a plateau, but the toning/muscle building seems to be progressing, and much of the rest is pretty much the same. Working to get back on track with the writing and the web sites. Need to start reading the books I picked up on self-publishing to be ready for that.

And so it goes. Doing the daily grind, still working on the dreams.

I'm just glad to be back.

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